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4 Common Errors (Almost) Every Writer Makes

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I read a lot. A lot of bad copy, that is. It’s my job to fix it. My boss and mentor at my first job post-college described what editors do in the most perfect way. She said we were like midwives, helping writers to produce their best work and offering guidance and encouragement along the way. For the past two … Read More

Why the World Needs a Grammar Czar

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Sometimes it’s good to have a benevolent dictator calling the shots. If you’ve ever been part of a committee or task force trying to resolve a seemingly inconsequential issue, you know where I’m coming from. Our friends at Wikipedia define a benevolent dictator as “an authoritarian leader [who] exercises absolute political power … but is seen to do so for … Read More

The Grammar Cop Weighs in on Presidents’ Day

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Grammar Cop — a forum for tips and reminders about the frequently confusing and often-illogical communications platform known as English. It’s our job at The Hired Pens to pay attention to this stuff. (Truth be told, we’re kind of obsessive-compulsive about it, so this is actually fun for us.) Our philosophy is that … Read More