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Case Study: Writing Website Copy for Newfire Partners

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Outsourced software development gets a bad rap in many circles, and justifiably so. A big part of the problem is those firms that underpay their talent and don’t care enough about the quality of the code they crank out. Stephen S. Hau, a long-time technology executive and entrepreneur, believes there’s a better way to do software development. In 2016, he … Read More

Case Study: Refreshing the SynDevRx Website

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You could say the same thing about a lot of professions, but I’ll say it anyway: As a copywriter, the most challenging projects are often the most rewarding ones. Yes, it’s satisfying when you nail a tagline or marketing email without breaking a sweat. On the other end of the spectrum are those projects that you toil over for months … Read More

It’s Time Again for ‘Meet a Pen’

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“Don’t dialogue with someone you can talk to.” Rob Sneddon, the latest writer to join our team, didn’t say this, but the fact that he can quote William Zinsser just makes us love him even more. Read on to learn Rob’s no-fail trick for combating writer’s block, the one book that can improve everyone’s writing and why we need a … Read More

Meet Virginia, Our Newest Pen

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For every 100 writers who contact us, just dying for a chance to be a Pen, only a handful makes it through our rigorous screening process. Meet one of the qualified few. As you’ll see from our Q&A below, Virginia has the right mix of experience, brains and wit. We’re pretty sure she’s a keeper. What did you want to … Read More

A Belated Happy Anniversary to Us

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A few weeks ago, we at The Hired Pens marked 15 years in business. It’s a nice milestone, though admittedly not as sexy as a 10th or 20th anniversary. Something about the number 15 just seems kind of blah. Nonetheless, it’s a good opportunity to sit back and reflect on the past 15 years. Anna was the one who had … Read More

New Hired Pens Site Goes Live, the Masses Rejoice

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We all know the saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes. It’s an aphorism that’s certainly applied to The Hired Pens for the past few years. But no longer! While we’ve been very fortunate to be busy with client work, the downside is that we neglected our marketing efforts for long stretches. So we went months between blog posts. … Read More

Hired Pens Helps Launch Kick The Cans Website

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“More and more, schools, sports teams and youth groups are forced to have kids sell overpriced products like candles and gift wrap or — worse — send them out begging with cans. Parents are hassled, kids are embarrassed, and the programs that need funding get only a tiny fraction of the funds collected.” That snippet from the Kick The Cans … Read More

Check Out Our Work for OneVision Resources & Saturn Partners

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We recently wrapped up two website projects — please take a moment to check them out! OneVision Resources is a really interesting business that helps rich folks manage all the personal technology in their lives. We worked closely with founder/managing director Joey Kolchinsky along with the superstars at Fresh Tilled Soil to create this new slick site (which looks especially … Read More