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Just Because You Say It Doesn’t Make It So, Papa Gino’s

Dan O'SullivanKvetching, Media2 Comments

If you’re in marketing, you have to have some tolerance for BS. We’re in the business of hype, after all, and our job is to build things up and make people believe they can’t survive without whatever it is our client is trying to sell. However, I have my standards. I don’t use the word “unique,” for instance, unless something … Read More

Mixed Messages

Anna GoldsmithKvetching1 Comment

You have a gorgeous lawn. You have invested a lot of time and money making it just so. Your hedges are perfectly trimmed. Your carefully pruned garden is bursting with color. Your grass is so lush and green it makes your neighbors wonder if they really have the same water supply. Hey, you know the only thing that would make … Read More

The Kids Are Not Alright

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As a copywriter who has been around for a few years, I sometimes worry about the future. Will supercomputers that “think” like humans someday make me obsolete? We’re probably awhile off from that. Will the natural aging process slowly eat away at my mental function, thus rendering me ineffective as a writer? At some point, but god-willing long after I’m … Read More

The Hired Pens Advice Column: Ava’s Hot Dog’s

Anna GoldsmithKvetching1 Comment

Dear Hired Pens, How do you tell a family member that the sign for their business (a hot dog stand) is an embarrassment? “Ava’s Hot Dog’s.” In a pickle, Simone Dear Simone, I have thought a lot/alot about your question. I even posted it on Facebook to see if anyone had any good suggestions for you. Turns out there were … Read More

You Say You Want a Revolution(ary Brand of Motor Oil)

Dan O'SullivanKvetching, The Writing Life3 Comments

Most copywriters are sticklers for words, and I’m no exception. So at least once a day, I’m bound to come across something that offends my delicate sensibilities. Earlier today, I heard a radio ad for a motor oil that was touted as “revolutionary.” I thus was reminded that revolutionary has become one of those annoying marketing words whose meaning has … Read More

Oh, Steel Drum Player, Why Must You Torment Me So?

Dan O'SullivanKvetching, Writing Tips3 Comments

Steel Drum Player is back. Like the famed Capistrano swallows returning to southern California each spring, so too does Steel Drum Player to our Davis Square neighborhood. Contrary to what you might expect, Steel Drum Player is a slender little white guy with glasses. And once the spring weather comes around — as it finally has this week — he … Read More

C’mon, Honda, I Know You’re Better Than This!

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I’ve been a Honda owner for six years. And like most Honda owners, I’m pretty happy with my vehicle. You can tell that when it comes to designing and manufacturing cars, Honda really pays attention to the details. Apparently, however, Honda’s attention to the details doesn’t carry over to their advertising campaigns. Last week, while enjoying an episode of my … Read More

Get Your Hands Off My Taquitos

Anna GoldsmithBranding, Kvetching3 Comments

Dear Trader Joe’s, I recently learned that you do basically zero advertising. I get it: Why waste money on print ads and circulars when you have a legion of rabid brand ambassadors talking up your plantain chips on the playground and telling people it is “totally worth the two-hour roundtrip drive” to go to the nearest Trader Joe’s? I’m very … Read More