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CVS: We put the needle in “flu shot”

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Does this sign make you want to get a flu shot? No? Me neither. Here’s the thing, CVS. Maybe it’s true that your smaller needles make injections less painful. But seeing the word “needles” in your sign just gave me an immediate, vivid picture of something sharp piercing my skin. Not only did I avert my eyes from your ad, … Read More

He’s Just Not That Into You

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Oh, small, earnest neighborhood florist — I can see how hard you’re working to get this right. Here you are in the heart of college country, with scores of students strolling past you every day, never stopping to browse or buy. You know an untapped market when you see one, and you’re even willing to get creative with that sweet … Read More

You’re Welcome, President Clinton

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Former President Bill Clinton had faced tough questions before, but this time, the stakes were high. Clinton had never listened to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” the NPR news quiz, let alone appeared as a contestant on the show. If he lost, he would let down his party and his country — especially Dave Parks of Chico, California, who was … Read More

Why Does This Little Girl’s Blog Have Over a Million Visitors?

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Nine-year-old Martha Payne started a blog last month analyzing her school lunches. Boring, right? But, with over a million visitors in just six weeks, she has something to teach the likes of Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver. Why is her blog so successful? She pretty much sums it up in her profile: “My dad says I should call myself Veritas … Read More

Join Us for Metropolis Creative’s Boston Extreme Website Makeover 2012

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What are you planning to do Wednesday night? That’s right, nothing. Until now. On behalf of our friends at Metropolis Creative, we invite you to attend the fourth annual Boston Extreme Website Makeover. This cool event takes place from 6-9 p.m. on Wednesday at The Charlesmark Lounge (655 Boylston St., Boston). Admission is free. What’s the Makeover all about? Metropolis … Read More

The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World

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Last year, The Hired Pens became the pro-bono copywriting agency for Cradles to Crayons. This means we help them write all sort of things, from fundraising letters to fun copy for their 2012 calendar. It also means I have been much more attuned to offers I get from other nonprofits. Who moves me and makes me consider giving my time … Read More