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How I (Used To) Waste Time

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Right before I went on maternity leave, I was interviewed by Janelle Harris at Media Bistro, a website for writers and new media professionals. She wanted to know how I waste time. My response should have been, “How much time to you have?” But I am not that quick on my feet. Especially not at nine-months pregnant. So here is what I came … Read More

When DIY Sales Letters Don’t Work

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With Anna out on maternity leave, guest writer Susan Johnston was kind enough to contribute this post. You can check her out at her website or her blog, The Urban Muse. Thanks, Susan! I recently received a direct mail piece that opened with this cheerful gem (unnecessary capitalization copied from original): “Happy Holidays! Did you know that a Dirty House … Read More

A Friendly Reminder and a Missed Opportunity

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I got this postcard the other day from Gentle Dental to remind me it was time for my six-month checkup. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t hate going to the dentist. I attribute this to regular flossing and my regular lack of time to do nothing but lie in a chair. It’s generally a pleasant experience. And yes, they … Read More

You Know the Writers We Love? The Ones Who Win Awards for Our Clients.

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Okay, all our writers have a special place in our hearts. Yes, even the ones who send us documents with two spaces between sentences. But it’s particularly cool when one of our Pens wins our client an award. So major props this morning to Pen extraordinaire Melanie DeCarolis. Her fantastic newsletter-writing prowess won our client, ING, a 2011 Signature Award … Read More

Knowing Is Half the Battle: Periods, One Space or Two?

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Okay, here’s a little copywriting pop quiz for you. Which is correct: One period between sentences or two? If you’re like most people, even many professional copywriters, you’ll answer “two.” The correct answer is actually “one.” According to who, you may ask? (I’ll discuss who/whom another time, but I can sum it up like this: Never use “whom” unless you’re … Read More

Want to Improve Your Word Skills? Memorize These Numbers.

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Ask me to do basic math and … Oh, this sentence is too ridiculous to even complete. No one ever asks me to do basic math. At least nobody who knows me. In fact, my senior year of high school, my math teacher took me aside one day and said, very gently, “You know, you only need three years of … Read More

At Last, The Hired Pens Is Recognized for Excellence in Architecture!

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At The Hired Pens, we like to say that the only recognition we need is the satisfaction of our clients. Well, screw that. Because we just learned that “Hired Pen [sic] has been selected for the 2011 Best of Gloucester Award in the Architectural Services category by the US Commerce Association (USCA).” According to the personalized email we received: “I’m … Read More