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The Mysterious Allure of the Hot Mess Sandwich

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Another new product name has cracked us up this week: The Hot Mess, brought to you by everybody’s favorite Halloweentown nightmare, Jack in the Box. If you are unfamiliar with the Mess, here’s all you need to know: Gooey jack cheese, onion rings, jalapenos, beef. Not necessarily in that order. Okay, so it’s messy. But the name does far more … Read More

You Mean the Advertising Industry Existed Before Sterling Cooper?

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Yes, it’s true: Madison Avenue was cranking out advertising well before Donald Draper et al. were doing their thing. The glorious proof comes in the form of The High Art of Photographic Advertising, an exhibit running through Oct. 9 at Harvard Business School. The website includes the back story: “The 1934 Art and Industry Exhibition Photograph Collection brings together some … Read More

Bats Looking for PR Boost Could Learn Lesson from Squirrel Community

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A strange illness is devastating bat populations throughout the Northeast, and few people seem to care. Some wildlife experts believe the lack of research dollars going toward the problem is due to the fact that, well, people generally don’t like bats. In a recent Boston Globe article, Beth Daley writes: Despairing bat biologists want to hire a publicist – a … Read More