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Ten Tips for Coming Up with Great Blog Ideas

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The toughest thing about blogging? For many of us, it’s coming up with worthwhile blog ideas. Once you have the right topic, it’s all downhill from there. (At least, that’s how it usually goes for me.) But, yeah, it’s the ideas that can be a killer. A good starting point is to put yourself in the shoes of your target … Read More

How Great Customer Service Can Keep You Out Of Court

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I had just sent my husband a text reading, “This place in incredible,” when I heard my son, Leo, crying. Not just the whiny cry of a six-year-old who wants Cheerios instead of scrambled eggs, but a real, something-is-seriously-wrong cry. Like most accidents, it all happened so fast: One minute, he was jumping happily on the bounce pad at Connors … Read More

Staying Relevant: Two Major Hurdles for Facebook

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In just over 10 years, Facebook has changed how we live, work and think, becoming the primary way many of us stay in touch with friends, share family photos and keep up on news. And of course, waste time. When I went on a digital fast last fall, Facebook was the hardest thing to give up. I justify my addiction … Read More

Write a Kickass Craigslist Ad: Six Tips

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Write a Kickass Craigslist Ad: Six Tips Looking to offload an old chair or futon? How about that jogging stroller you’ve never used? Craigslist can be a boon if you know how to use it. As with any ad, when it comes to writing a Craigslist ad, your best bet is to be clear and concise. Especially since your ad … Read More

Color Matters: Why Facebook’s Blues Make You Trust It

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Fast Co. has a great post up from Buffer’s Leo Widrich, and it’s all about color. Widrich pulls together different data about how color works (or doesn’t) in marketing. According to the research, our own Hired Pens online color scheme suggests “credibility,” “clean” and “direct” with a little “excitement” thrown in for good measure. Sounds about right. Widrich goes on … Read More

Why Does This Little Girl’s Blog Have Over a Million Visitors?

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Nine-year-old Martha Payne started a blog last month analyzing her school lunches. Boring, right? But, with over a million visitors in just six weeks, she has something to teach the likes of Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver. Why is her blog so successful? She pretty much sums it up in her profile: “My dad says I should call myself Veritas … Read More