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4 Common Errors (Almost) Every Writer Makes

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I read a lot. A lot of bad copy, that is. It’s my job to fix it. My boss and mentor at my first job post-college described what editors do in the most perfect way. She said we were like midwives, helping writers to produce their best work and offering guidance and encouragement along the way. For the past two … Read More

8 Tips to Write Life-Changing Health Content

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Successful health content motivates people to do things that are good for them, like cutting back on salt or having a colonoscopy. But writing about health can be tough, especially when you’re asking readers to do things they’d rather not do. Like cutting back on salt or having a colonoscopy. Good health writing has the power to change lives. It … Read More

How to Work Remotely … Really, REALLY Remotely

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In spring 2015, my husband texted me a spreadsheet with the names of a bunch of Army officers and locations of their next assignments. His name was highlighted next to “Germany.” Germany. Germany? I was shocked. True, this was much preferable to many of the alternatives. But it did raise a major question: Where did this put my career? I’d … Read More

Confessions of a Newbie Podcaster

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Question: What do you call two middle-aged white guys talking? Answer: A podcast. About a year ago, I decided that if there’s one thing the world is lacking, it’s middle-aged white guys hosting podcasts. So I decided to get in on the action — and the fame and fortune that inevitably would follow. Choosing a topic for a podcast was … Read More

3 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

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1. Write Now. Revise Later. Here’s a secret: Even award-winning writers hate their first drafts. Just accept that your original takes will always need finessing. Bestselling author Anne Lamott calls these her “shitty first drafts.” And so can you, by using the “write now, revise later” approach, coined by English teacher Harry Bauld. Whenever you’re sitting at the screen panicked … Read More

Just Who Do These Algorithms Think I Am?

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I hate that the internet knows me better than I do. Granted, this is often helpful, like when I get recommendations for news stories, books, music, etc. that I’m interested in but would never have known existed. Gee, thanks, retargeting algorithm — that’s just what I was looking for. Still, the net’s intimate familiarity with my circumstances can be creepy … Read More

Our Favorite Commercials From Super Bowl LIII

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Unless you’re a New England Patriots fan like me, Super Bowl LIII wasn’t much fun to watch. Fortunately, we still had the commercials. Here are the ones we liked the most at The Hired Pens. (And by the way, Thrillist ranked their top 51 commercials — you can see them all here.) Pringles: Sad Device (Dan) Before I get to … Read More

‘Keep Calm and Carry On’: A Good Slogan Gone Bad

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” reads an iconic motivational poster produced by the British government in 1939. The intention was to steady the nerves of an anxious public being thrust into war with Germany. Now, despite my mistrust of Instagram as a valid form of communication, I wasn’t around for World War II. But I am fascinated by the propaganda … Read More