Content Writers

A few years after launching The Hired Pens, Anna and Dan had an epiphany: If they were going to achieve their mission of stomping out dull, soulless “corporate speak,” they’d need to bring in reinforcements.

The partners have since scoured the land for a truly special breed of copywriter. Their search has produced a team of veteran content writers with not only superb linguistic prowess, but also sparkling personalities. Because, really, who wants to work with a jerk? Not us — or our clients.


Karen has been writing feature articles, profiles, blog posts, website copy and marketing materials since 2000. Her personal writing has appeared on The New York Times’ Motherlode blog, and she’s a contributing blogger at Brain, Child magazine.




Communication has always been at the heart of Amanda’s career. She spent the better part of a decade marketing financial services, with forays into the music industry, fine dining and higher education. She now channels her passion for culture and history into food and travel writing, and relishes opportunities to apply her reporting skills to writing evocative, fresh and story-driven copy. In her free time, she strives (in vain) to keep her vinyl collection to a manageable size.


With more than 20 years of experience in both the agency side and in-house side, Betty has worked across every vertical, from automotive to technology. She also has extensive experience managing creative teams. A city girl at heart, Betty has adjusted well to mountain life in northern New Hampshire, where she lives with her husband Tim, daughter Maggie and British Bombay terror of a cat.


Crystal’s writing is fueled by a combination of curiosity for learning new things and the excitement of nailing just the right tone and voice for a client. She has a special affinity for puns and wordplay, but she’ll check to see what your threshold is for such humor before incorporating it into your copy. She regularly contributes to blogs on topics ranging from Evernote to intersectional feminism.



Elizabeth has worked as a copywriter and journalist for 20 years, focusing mainly on technology, business and health topics. When not geeking out about the best way to craft sentences, she runs an organic vegetable farm, Bossy Acres, with her partner Karla.




Eric’s interest in style dates back to childhood, when he insisted on visiting playgrounds in a full suit. Today he’s more practical, but his enthusiasm for clothes and the stories behind them is as strong as ever, rivaled only by his passion for finding the right words. Years of working in editorial and branded copywriting have given him experience with everything from email newsletters and product descriptions to a rhyming storybook about shoes.


Kate’s one our go-to writers for copy that needs a fresh, conversational style with just the right amount of wit. She’s also a bit of a workaholic, a trait our clients appreciate more than her boyfriend does. In her free time, Kate is often found trolling Internet-free areas of the Pacific Northwest mountains or eating peanut butter straight from the jar. Sometimes both.



Kim has worked in the technology industry for over two decades, including in senior marketing communications positions with Keane (now NTT Data), a billion-dollar IT services firm, and Cambridge Technology Partners, a global IT company. She helps her clients fuse brand voice, sales goals, buyer needs, key messages and calls to action to create content that drives results. Her work has received accolades from the American Marketing Association and the Content Marketing Institute.



Unflappable and always able to deliver on her favorite expression, “No problem,” Melanie worked full-time in the financial sector before starting her freelance writing career. She’s a natural fit for all things money, skilled in writing for both consumer and professional audiences.



Smart and serious, Michael possesses a highly coveted copywriting skill: the ability to make complex topics understandable to general audiences. A former journalist with an MBA, he can tackle not just your standard marketing fare, but also challenging pieces like white papers.



Nicki is a copywriter with 15+ years of experience, primarily in the digital and consumer arenas. She specializes in crafting copy that emotionally connects with target audiences and evokes trust, brand loyalty and an irresistible urge to purchase. When not writing, she loves traveling the world and learning to say, “I’m sorry — I’m very confused,” in as many languages as possible.



A longtime writer and editor who has published two books (with more on the way), Rob previously spent much of his career climbing up and down the mastheads of various magazines. His favorite title was “editor at large” because it sounded like an editor who had escaped. Now that he has escaped, Rob enjoys bringing a journalistic sensibility to native content.



After brief stints on a lettuce farm and in the beauty industry, Virginia turned an eye to copywriting and has never looked back. Now, with a wide range of experience and a few agency years behind her, she specializes in crafting personality-driven copy that sounds less like advertising and more like a conversation. Talents include branding, web copy, scriptwriting and, if pressed, discussing the merits of romaine vs. spring mix.